World Of Tiers

Adventure Hook Part One

You’ve been taking it easy for a few days, using your newly acquired wealth to enjoy some of the finer distractions the city of Idoras has to offer, as well as a little shopping.

After a particularly long night of “celebrating”, you wake up late the next day to an insistent knocking on the door of your luxurious suite of rooms.

“What is it?” you ask, irritated, holding your head with both hands, lest it explode.

“M-message for you,” answers a young, high voice.

“Ugh,” you stumble to the door, loosely pulling on some clothing to cover yourself. You crack it open and look down to see a young blond boy dressed in shabby clothing holding up a sealed letter in one hand. You take the proffered letter and dig in your pockets for some loose copper. You hand over a few copper pieces to the lad and toussle his hair. He bites down on one, testing it, offers a salute, and runs away down the hall.

Looking at the letter, it’s a folded and sealed piece of fine parchment. You look at the seal of red wax and note that the signet consists of an ornate carving of the letter “A”.

You break the seal and read the letter, clearing the sleep from your eyes first:

To Whom It May Concern,

You were recommended to me by a mutual acquaintance, a member of the temple of Bahamut. I believe you’d remember who, if you think about it.

I have a problem with which I require some assistance. This problem requires attention from someone with your particular talents. I assure you that this is not a request of a nefarious nature, but one that involves some simple investigation and perhaps some aid to an individual or individuals deserving of such.

Please meet me on Thirdday at 15 minutes past the beginning of Early Watch at the city guard station located at 15 Bridge Street.

—An Interested Patron

After bringing this to the members of your company, you find that they have all received copies of the same letter. You discuss the letter with your fellow company members and determine that:

1. The letter was written by someone who is familiar/friendly enough with Doria Argent (the “member of the Temple of Bahamut” mentioned in the letter) that she recommended your services to them.

2. The letter was written by someone who wants to remain anonymous.

3. The letter was written by someone who has connections to the city guard and/or is a member of the city guard.

Scouting out the area early, you see that 15 Bridge Street is indeed a city guard station. After some observation, you can detect no individuals of note entering or leaving the building, other than various ranks of city guards.

At the appointed time, you go to the guard station and knock on the door discreetly. The door opens and you and your compatriots are beckoned in.

You find yourself facing a pleasant looking middle-aged man with graying hair at his temples. He greets you with a warm smile and a handshake using both hands. As he shakes your hand, you notice a signet ring on it, at first glance it seems to be the same “A” seal as the one on the letter you received.

“Welcome, good people,” he states pleasantly. “My name is Darius Argent.”




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