World Of Tiers

Adventure Hook Part Two

The man who introduced himself as Darius Argent stands before you, smiling warmly.

“Please! Come sit by the fire and warm yourselves. I have thornberry tea and hot kaff to take the chill off.”

After a low level guard brings some carafes and cups, Darius speaks again.

“I am an older son of the Argent Family. My profession is the guard captain of the noble quarter.”

He stops, seemingly expecting the importance of his rank to settle into your minds.

“You’ve probably heard the rumors about the Imperial Representative’s absence…They are, unfortunately, true.”

“The Imperial Representative is, as you may know, not a man in the traditional sense, but a suit of armor inhabited by a life force of some kind. I have personally found him to be a humorous fellow and a bright conversationalist…a pleasure to be around, although his appearance does cause some…discomfort among those who see him for the first time”.

“At any rate, besides making the Emperor’s will known, his main function is to activate the barrier of protection that covers Idoras.”

“As you know, the time of 30 days of darkness is coming within the week and we must prepare to repel any raids or infestations from the underdark during this time. The barrier makes this much much easier by protecting us against the more powerful of these forces.”

“However, without the Imperial Representative here to activate this barrier, this makes defending the city from being overrun by evil much more problematic…I daresay impossible!”

“In order to activate the barrier, you must reach the top of the city spire where the barrier lies. Normally, you’d have to climb each of the 100 floors of the spire, each floor more dangerous than the last. However, the Imperial Representative’s home contains a short cut to the top of the spire. Therefore, in the interests of time, I prefer you take this route rather than the more direct one.”

“While you activate the barrier, the more able and experienced warriors of the city will stave off the vanguard of any underdark invasions.”

“Your adventuring company will be paid 1000 gold pieces in total for this endeavor.”

Darius Argent leans back in his chair and sips carefully from his steaming cup. He looks at you expectantly.



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