World Of Tiers

Ananias and Estela

Ananias’ Arcane Dictation – Entry 201
Location: somewhere in the middle of a sticky walled Terask Lung

What a strange place we have found. Sticky and clothed in a putrid mist, a mixture of living flesh and living death, these walls the very innards of a great creature, imbued with an arcane essence as old and powerful as the world’s creation. What a strange journey this has been. We dare not linger here long, but I take this moment…

Of Estela, our link continues to persist. The blood bond we’ve come to call it. We have grown in our protection of each other. It is a friendship of continual pain and healing, of blessing and curse. I have gained a true friend in this. Afterall, she has saved my life multiple times. However, we have agreed that it is time to pursue to completion the mystery of our connection. Our companions have mocked us for not taking the shaman up on his offer, but as our intuition made known, the twistedness of the cursed Drow lay behind that mask. Peror was watching I believe. Profuse mediation I have given to understanding his claim that I am no older than our first meeting, and I fear if I should believe it at all. Still, though I have no memory of my own origins, my strange but faithful brothers and sister her have given me family enough for peace. Therefore, as strange as this mystical peninsula of Teraskian civilization may be I wonder if we might find an answer, an intimation to affecting this mystery and perhaps encompass a conclusion to the cyclical curse of our shared pain. For now I know the blessing of the test of friendship. Yes, that will endure.



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