World Of Tiers


From the Biography of Mokill Deathbringer


My name is Dentali the scribe, and I have been tasked with chronicling the adventures of the Goliath Barbarian known as Mokill Deathbringer. Some of these stories were told to me directly from Mokill himself, but as he rarely speaks in complete sentences, much more has come from interviewing his companions and from my own research. Everything in this biography is true, to the best of my knowledge.


The legend of “Slargag and the Fall of Winterhaven” has been covered by many previous publications, so we will not tell the entire story here. It is enough to remember Mokill’s involvement in the retrieving of Slargag’s egg, and the destruction of the death cult in the area. The real story, the story which the readers of this tome surely wish to hear, is that of the Spire of Idoras. This is where we will join our intrepid hero.


The story begins on Thirdday during Early Watch. Mokill and his companions have been summoned to the city guard station by Darius Argent, the captain of the guard. Argent explained that the Imperial Representative has been missing for some time, and with the 30 days of darkness fast approaching, may spell the end of the city unless certain precautions are taken. Since the representative is the only one who can activate the barrier at the top of the spire (the core of the city’s defenses), his absence is cause for great alarm.

Mokill and company have been tasked with activating the barrier, though they may have to break into the representative’s house to do so. The company agreed, and that night, found themselves outside the representative’s deserted abode.

Ananias, a rather stange eladrin, snuck into the complex to scout the area. Multiple bandits were spotted, but he deftly remained hidden. Erdan then tried to go over a side wall, and was spotted. The alarm was sounded and stealth was abandoned, so Mokill leapt over the wall and immediately started dispatching the evil bandits. There were many more than Ananias had spotted, but Mokill’s great axe cut through them like ribbon, and their blood flowed like wine into the grass around them. While some of the elves hid in the safety of the trees, Mokill plowed through the enemy ranks until none were left standing.

As his party gathered around the sole survivor (a small halfling), Mokill’s mouth began to water. A few years ago, someone told Mokill that halflings were “magically delicious”, and no amount of argument has managed to convince him otherwise. He feels compelled to test out this myth by actually eating a halfling, but they have so far outsmarted him. Here was one bound and close to death before him, so the temptation was great. His companions wished to make use of him to get them past the tower’s defenses, however, so he (barely) managed to contain his hunger.

The halfling turned out to be un-trustworthy, and soon abandoned the party. While Quarion foolishly followed the halfling in through the front door (and right into a crossbow trap), Mokill simply broke through the window and walked right into the mansion. They recaptured the halfling and searched the first floor. Nothing of consequence was found.

On the second floor, they encountered some magic armor guarding a door and some weird one-armed writing contruct. There were puzzles and riddles, but Mokill did not pay them heed. He had little patience for such tricks, and only stood there absentmindedly rubbing the fur of his armor, waiting for someone to point to something and yell “Kill!”. He would then spring into action! The puzzles were solved and they continued up the tower. However, the third level seemed to be more of the same. More suits of armor, and some potions on a table. This time, the armor attacked Erdan! Killing time at last! Several of Mokill’s party were slightly injured during this attack, but the armor was soon defeated. Ananias gathered up the potions, and they continued up the stairs to the next level…



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