World Of Tiers

Erdan: an intrepid trespass

breaking into the house of the Imperial Representative

Our mysterious invitation turned out to be from another Argent. Apparently this family is pretty well connected. Our guy’s name was Darius, the older brother and captain of guard. Seems he wanted to be discrete about contacting us. Afraid of getting his hands dirty, well, or at least having them look dirty. I know how these officers of law usually work.

It turns out that we have to break into some construct’s house and flip a few switches or else the world’s going end. Oh yeah, and the Imperials will give us the axe if they find out we’re doing it. Some world to save.

The Representative’s house is in one of the swankier parts of town, though there isn’t much of a night scene. Apparently Darius has arranged for the watch to be light while we do our work. I’m wondering if that’s a deal he pulls often.

We made our way up to the main gate, but there wasn’t not much to see. The guy practically had a forest for a front yard. The fey folk got busy debating the finer points of espionage. Me though, I had a job to do and I decided to case the rest of the place.

I found a servant’s entrance on the east side but it didn’t help all that much, so I decided to jump the wall. Turns out that wasn’t my best choice. Three or four thugs spotted me as soon as I hit on top. The guys were amateurs though, pretty ragged looking too. I almost felt bad about it. They probably hadn’t expected to die when they left home that night.

The rest of the group engaged about that time. Seems there was another set of thugs at the main entrance also. I could hear Quarion beating the shakka out of the front gate. Not sure what was up with that, maybe some sort of diversion. The fight didn’t last too long and when it was over we gathered that they were just a bunch of hired thugs working for some ankle-biter rogue. He was the only one not dead at that point. He claimed he was just interested in the silverware. I figured he might be handy point man, if properly persuaded.

I buttered him up some, while that Mokill kid pretended he was gonna eat him. The old good watch, bad watch bit. I have to say, Mokill is quite the actor for such a big slunk of stone, he almost had me convinced he was gonna eat him. After that the little guy warmed up quick to our proposal. We leashed him up and pushed him through the front door, but as soon as he was out of sight, the rope went slack and he was gone. Oh well, two great ideas for the night.

Quarion slipped into the entry after right him and bolts started flying. Some sort of automated sentry. Quarion seemed to be taking care of himself. In fact, he seemed downright giddy about it. The half-elf dame suggested we try the servant’s entry and I followed her back to the east side of the house.

The door was locked and solid. I put all my weight into it and it didn’t budge. Hurt too. By that time, some of the others had come through and they let us in. Yeah, not my best night.

There wasn’t much to see on the bottom floor when I came in. We’d got the halfling back. Yay. Once again there was some debate. I guess the fey are good at that. I watched the old grandfather clock in the hall for a few ticks and then I headed up the stairs.

We were finally in the tower proper. The place had a different vibe. My guess is that the downstairs was mostly for us flesh-and-bone types. While this upstairs was more what a construct would call “home”. We found a sort of large apparatus attached to a desk; like a mechanical arm. For a moment, I thought it was the remains of our missing friend, but the one of the others recognized it as a writing apparatus. Probably for sending messages over long distance. We found an odd note there too, something about adding up numbers. My gut says that it has something to do with the disappearance. Just don’t know what yet.

There was another door and a couple of statues next it. I think Ananias did something and these statues started shifting around and talking. Yeah, it figures that Ananias would be the one to spark a debate with a cruft of rock. They spoke in riddles. Blah, blah, blah. Every time we answered they moved around, and eventually the door was clear. Not much of a security system. If I were that construct, I’d want my money back.

We went up another flight stairs. Same sort of setup; so I marched right up to the stone guards expecting a few more riddles. Once again, not my night. The fours stonies came at us almost immediately. And there ain’t much that hurts like slate fist to the jaw. We took’em down, but it hurt and boy did I ever need a drink.



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