World Of Tiers

Sleep Fighting

Maveith's Weird Day

Something weird is going on here. Last thing I remember we were all going to try to find the missing person and save the world (again). Next thing I know, I’m back here and everyone is talking about stone warriors, breaking into places and Mokill wanting to eat someone. (scratching and shaking head in confusion) I think a wizard must have hit me with some kind of dark magic or something. I’ve got bruises and I can tell I was part of the fight, but I don’t remember a thing. It’s like I was being controlled by something…or someone…and I’m not sure I like that idea much. You’d have to be a Goliath to understand what we’re capable of and…wait a second. That Mokill better not have something to do with this. Oh, well. I guess it went well enough to survive it.



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