Mokill Deathbringer

Goliath Barbarian


As told to Dentali the Scribe over the course of 3 moons. (Mokill does not usually speak in complete sentences.)

Mokill is a warrior. A Barbarian. He has but one mission – to crush his enemies. He was born in the mountains, as most Goliaths are. Among his clan, he showed great skill in fighting and athletics, even at an early age. He became the clan’s greatest warrior, and earned the name “Deathbringer” at age 17, when a marauding band of Bugbear warriors attacked his home and his clan. He had slaughtered over 20 of the enemies before the other warriors of his clan were even able to sound the alarm. Facing overwhelming odds, they fought mightily until the Bugbears retreated. Mokill and 5 other warriors pursued them and eliminated every one that they could find. The victory was so complete that Mokill was made captain of the clan’s warriors, and given the name of Deathbringer. The clan shaman took Mokill’s axe and blessed it with holy water to give him power in future conflicts. The clan then came together and had a feast of victory.

Their celebrations would not last, however. Two weeks later another attack, much greater than the first one, came to their mountain home. The Bugbear commander, a huge creature named Krroram, had gathered other Bubears from miles away to seek revenge against Mokill’s clan. Two of the swifter Bugbears had escaped the previous battle (unknown to any of the Goliaths) and had relayed the story of the Goliath champion to Krroram.

The battle was terrifying. The Goliaths fought bravely, but scores were killed. Mokill fought through the ranks of the Bugbears until he stood face to face with Krroram. Their combat shook the mountain and shattered the rocks beneath them, but when it was finished, Mokill was the victor. He raised the head of Krroram and shouted to the remaining Bugbears to face him, but they fled before him in fear.

His clan had been nearly decimated, though. The shaman, most of the elders, and over half of the warriors lay on the battlefield. The name of Deathbringer now had a dual meaning, for death had now come to Mokill’s own clan. He stayed long enough to tend to the wounded, appoint a new captain, and bolster their defenses, but then he left the mountains. His clan did not banish him, for he was truly their champion, but the sadness and guilt was too much for him to remain. His feats and prowess on the battlefield had brought this fate upon his people, and he could no longer bear it.

From the body of Krroram, he took a suit of chainmail. It would stand as a reminder to Mokill of his clan and his past. Chainmail alone is not natural for a Goliath to wear, however, so he took the pelt of a dire bear, covered the chainmail, and wove them together to form his fearsome armor.

From that day forth, he left the mountains and lived among the other races. It was only a few months later that Maveith BoneGrinder, a captain from another clan, found Mokill and told him of the complete destruction of both of their clans at the hands of further Bugbear assaults. He left in order to protect his clan, and now it seems that in doing so, he brought destruction on them. He has since turned to adventuring, and his legend has grown longer than his shadow at sunset. For the chronicles of his many adventures, see “Slargag and the Fall of Winterhaven” by Festin Darkwell, and the ongoing series “The Spire of Idoras” by Dentali the Scribe.

Mokill Deathbringer

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