World Of Tiers

First encounters

First of all, some new house rules. Everyone gets 100 sanity points. They act as hit points for your psyche. Every time you experience something extremely weird, scary, or equally traumatic, you lose them. Lose enough, and you begin to find it difficult to operate normally. Lose more, and you start seeing things that aren’t really there (or ARE they???). Lose all of them, and you are catatonic.

The good news is that you can regain sanity in between adventures. You’d need to do this while resting and being under the care of a priest or sage. You can’t heal sanity with healing surges…you can only regenerate between adventures.

Slargag (“Queen of the Red Dragons”) met the party in the wilderness disguised as a beautiful woman. She asked the party to go and get her egg from the death cult. She stated that there was something keeping her from attacking the kobolds. The players talked her out of destroying Winterhaven (as she felt that they were at least partly responsible for the disappearance of her egg—she smelled humans and dead things when her egg disappeared). She reluctantly agreed that she would owe the party a boon (one for the party, not for each individual, thanks to some crappy rolls on the players part) and would not destroy Winterhaven until the party’s success or failure. She then changed from a human into a dragon in a very weird and disturbing way, causing a loss of 5 sanity points.

The party elected to go north to the sage and questioned him about Slargag. The sage, who studies dragons full time, stated that Slargag acts very un-dragonlike. She doesn’t drop scales, and doesn’t seem to hunt, although it’s tough to follow a dragon’s hunting patterns if it doesn’t drop scales. He theorized that either Slargag was pretending to be a Dragon or is something that thinks it’s a dragon. Also, the fact that kobolds seem to be involved in the stealing of the egg was odd, because kobolds revere and are afraid of dragons.

The party then went to the death cultists lair and killed a bunch of UNDEAD kobolds outside the waterfall and discovered a magic circle which seemed to be the source of the force that was repelling Slargag. They left the circle intact but inactive. They then proceeded through the water fall, which is where we left off.


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