Welcome to the World of Tiers!


The world consists of flat square pieces of land, each smaller than the next, like a ziggurat. The layers are separated from each other, though, and connected via a large column called the Markavand.

Days and nights are separated by shadow squares rotating around the sun, casting shadows on the land.

The Markavand casts a shadow also. For a particular area on a tier, the shadow takes 30 days to pass. During this time, creatures from the underdark rise up and attack the land.

The only thing that protects the people are the emperor’s representatives, who use shielding magic to fend off aggression.

Latest News 6/21/10

The Emperor’s Representative has disappeared from the city of Idoras.

The town of Winterhaven has been destroyed by Slargag, who has begun to destroy all intelligent life within the boundaries of her territory.

Campaign Update 6/22/10

I just wanted to inform you that we’re doing a “partial” do-over.

If you are dissatisfied with your character in any way, you can re-roll it.

For example, if your Goliath Wizard is dissatisfying for you to play, you can create a new character….just use the SAME NAME.

The only exceptions for this are that your origin stories (if you have them) are the same. That is, Michael, Rebbecca, and Christopher must still play elves and half elf respectively. Michael is still an amnesiac and Michael and Rebbecca still have the bond and Christopher must be a half elf with the same origins. Michael, Rebbecca, and Christopher can change classes, though, if they wish.

All others can change your class and race combo…just keep your name the same (weird I know).

Also, you are all 2nd level…so if you change your class from cleric to ranger or monk or something else, you need to increase your level to 2.

Any non-campaign specific class or race is acceptable. This includes the new classes from players handbook 2 or 3:


If you have a question about any of the classes then google it with “D&D 4e [class name]” and you should be able to get tons of information. either that or re-download/update your character builder so that it’s running with the latest class info

The only exception is that none of you can be Warforged. Only Imperial Representatives are Warforged.

World Of Tiers

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