World Of Tiers

The Time of Night

Night and the City of Idoras

The time of night is actually quite pleasant once the shield is up (thanks to you). Each year around this time the city shuts down except for essential services. Colored lights and pyrotechnics provided by mage/sage students at the university of Idoras fill the dark sky. Colored fires and lights make the city almost as bright as daytime.

A popular pastime is party-hopping, with groups of people going from home to home and tavern to tavern and drinking and eating heartily. All one has to do is prepare a feast and hang an amber-colored light in the window and his home will be filled with friendly people eating and drinking, playing music, and playing games. It’s understood by the local thieves’ guild that, unless permitted by special dispensation (which is rare) no thievery is allowed during this time. Anyone breaking this rule is dealt with quickly and brutally, usually ending up on the garbage heap outside of town and his victim overcompensated for his loss.

You are participating in this revelry, enjoying your status as guest of honor at many of the parties you attend. Both common people and wealthy people invite you to their feasts. It is during this time that you complete any in-between adventure tasks you wish to accomplish.

A Summons…

Towards the end of the time of night, a very short time before the two days when the sun “rises” from behind the Markavand (the central column of the World of Tiers), known as the time of dawn, you are again summoned to the office of Darius Argent.

He greets you at the door. It seems obvious that he’s worried.

“Thank you for coming on short notice,” he states distractedly.

“My brother, David, is a lieutenant with the imperial patrol. They’re a very elite bunch, the imperial patrol, but still, my brother is the baby of the family and…I guess I’m worried.”

His hand reaches up to his face and he rubs his eyes with his thumb and third finger. “I’m making no sense…let me explain.”

“Apparently, an outlying township that is beyond the border of our protective shielding during the time of night, didn’t light their signal fire when the time of night fell. The signal fire causes the shield which protects our city to be extended over the township. As dictated by procedure, when it was discovered that the signal fire wasn’t lit, a patrol was sent out in the time of night over to the township to investigate. If everything were fine, they were supposed to light the signal fire. However, the signal fire wasn’t lit, and I’ve had…WE’VE had no word from the patrol.”

“I can’t send out any more patrols, the men are not…trained…to deal with what’s out there right now. Even though dawn is rising, there are still…things…out there…stragglers I guess you’d call them.

“Please investigate for me, it would break our father’s heart if his…if he were lost to us,” he corrects himself.

“The township is called Turtledove Meadow. It lies just several miles outside of town.”

“Please take whatever supplies you need at no charge. If you return with him alive, or at least with a resurrect-able corpse, you will be allowed access to an Argent family treasury for the magic item of your choice. If you return with just his signet ring, I will give you 100 gold pieces each from my personal accounts and I will owe you each a boon, a debt of honor that I will repay when you demand it.”

He turns to face the one window in his office.

“Please return with him. I…I cannot say how dire the consequences will be for my family if you don’t.”



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