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Bonus Points

Bonus points will be awarded for “moments of awesomeness”, or just really good playing. See the chart below.

Once you collect 10 bonus points, you can roll for your reward on the chart. (I’ll have a copy of the chart at the table.)

Ways to Get Bonus Points:

One Time

Write up a character background. – 10 points


Arrive on time to a D&D session and come prepared with character sheet, pencils, paper, books dice, power cards, etc. – 1 point

Posting a recap or adventure log post on Obsidian Portal – 3 points

Spend $5 on RPG-related products (DDI/Character Builder, books, dice, costumes or props, etc.) – 1 point/$5

Bring Snack Food/Drinks – 2 points

Bringing props for your character – clothing items, weapons, trinkets, etc. – 1 point/session

Each player can also give out up to 2 points per session. These can be given out for good role-playing, problem solving, tactics, creativity, and for humor and fun.

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